March 5, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #5: Uncle Andy's Mammary Slam Jam 2013 Vol. 1

I'm starting to notice a trend. Our episodes are getting longer and longer. But this week's show runs a little long for a reason, and it's because we're joined by our very first ever guest Creep, our good buddy The Back of Forest Whitaker's Neck, or just plain ol' "Neck" for short (or Stephen if you're part of his inner circle). I've known Neck for a while now through various podcasts and always enjoy his outlook and observations on even the most ridiculous of films, so I thought he would be a perfect fit for our show and we ended up having a blast recording with him. The three of us did our Top 3 and Bottom 3 first-time watches of February, and we reviewed the Andy Sidaris flicks MALIBU EXPRESS and HARD TICKET TO HAWAII. (Oh yeah, this is our first of six Andy Sidaris double-feature episodes by the way). Also, I got to ask Neck a few questions about a very special documentary he's been working on called JODOROWSKY'S DUNE. And yes, it's a documentary about Jodorowsky's DUNE, or at least a revealing look at the Sci-Fi epic that could have been. Neck is one of the documentary's Producers and it's a passion project of his, so it was cool to hear him talk about it and give us some insight as to what's in store for when it's eventually released. For now, you can follow the progress of the documentary on their Facebook Page and stay tuned for updates.

Music this week from Wire and Jerry's Kids.


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