001. Dynamo Marz (Vocalist/Songwriter: The Deadites)
002. Robyn Graves (Horror Host: Midnite Mauseoleum)
003. Mike Quackenbush (Pro Wrestler, Podcaster)
004. Brooke Palsson (Actress: Less Than Kind, Guy Maddin's Keyhole)
005. Ashley Bracken (Actress: Evidence)
006. Matthew Stolarz (Bass/Vocals: The Active Set)
007. Chuck Taylor (Pro Wrestler)
008. Johnny Wolfenstein (Podcaster: Trick or Treat Radio)
009. Zachary Kelley (Blogger: The Lightning Bug's Lair)
010. The Batiri (Pro Wrestling Tag Team)
011. Neil Autry (Clothing designer/Owner: Western Evil)
012. Johnny (Vocals/Guitar: The Cryptkeeper Five)
013. Miles Lemaire (Podcaster: ShowShow)
014. AssailANT (Pro Wrestler)
015. Monika Lee (Cosplayer)
016. Silva & Gold (Podcast)
017. Matt House (Halloween Edition) (Blogger: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby)
018. Tasha Courtney (Model/Actress)
019. Cheryl Downey (Pinup Model/Actress)
020. Ace Marrero (Actor/Producer: Madison County)
021. Dasher Hatfield (Pro Wrestler)
022. Mz. M (Vocals: The Deadites) 
023. Fallon Bowman (Musician: Amphibious Assault, Kittie)
024. Brian Paulin (Filmmaker: Bone Sickness, Morbid Vision Films)
025. Abigail Richie (Actress: Evidence)
026. Jim Smith (TEEEL)
027. Ophidian (Pro Wrestler)
028. Gregory S. Burkart (Journalist: FEARNet)
029. Joe (Podcaster: Bloody Good Horror) 
030. Brian Kokernak (Game Designer: Fire Escapes) 
031. Forrest Thinner (Vocals: blkVampires) 
032. Roxy Vandiver (Model/Actress) 
033. Myra (Vocals/Guitar: The Evil Streaks) 
034. Suziey Block (Actress: Entrance) 
035. raculfright_13 (Blogger: raculfright_13's blogo trasho) 
036. Perturbator (Electronic Musician) 
037. François Gaillard (Director: BlackAria, Last Caress)
038. Amanda Tullos (Blogger: Mandy's Morgue of Horror)
039. Richard Greenwood Jr. (Director: Hinnon Valley, Wretched)
040. Rodrigo Obón (Artist)
041. Natallia Nemes (Blogger/Author: Shit101.com)
042. Jeffrey Canino (Blogger: Nessun Timore) 
043. Edward M. Erdelac (Author)
044. Rich Flannagan (Blogger: Videotape Swapshop) 
045. Wendi Freeman (Musician/Podcaster) 
046. Alexandra West (Blogger/Journalist/Podcaster: Faculty of Horror, Rue Morgue, etc.) 
047. Jenny Krueger (Blogger: Memoirs of a Scream Queen) 
048. Brad Hogue (Podcaster: Hello! This is the Doomed Show) 
049. Lydia Peever (Author)
050. H7 (Vocalist/Songwriter: Underlined) 
051. Evie (Pro Wrestler)
052. Najarra Townsend (Actress: Contratced, Me and You and Everyone We Know) 
053. Chris (Aylmer) (Blogger: Unflinching Eye)
054. Jill Sixx Gevargizian (Director: Call Girl)
055. Wayne Ballard (Toxicbreed's Funhouse/Promoter of Underground Music)
056. Brian Bankston (Blogger: Cool Ass Cinema) 
057. James Lawrence (Musician: Satanic Dystopia)
058. Andrea Subissati (Author/Journalist/Podcaster: Faculty of Horror, Rue Morgue, etc.)

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