October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, Death Rattlers and lurkers alike!

I hope you all had a good October and watched a shit-load of horror movies. I have to say, I was impressed with the awesome content that everyone else in the blogosphere pumped out during the evilest of months. Anyway, I hope you're all wrapping up the month by doing something fun. As for me, I'll be at work, which seems to be the case every Halloween, but that's alright. Since I'm not doing anything special, I thought I'd share with you some linkage to a few podcasts I had the pleasure of guesting on over the last week.

First up is the Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema's recent episode, #207. Those of you who know me well are aware of the fact that I'm fairly involved in this podcast, whether it be contributing bonus content every once in a while or guesting on the show whenever they ask me. They asked me about a month ago to be a part of their special Halloween episode, so of course I seized the opportunity. Honestly, they could have told me we'd be covering a bunch of Adam Sandler movies and I still would have happily been on the show, so you can imagine how stoked I was when I found out we'd be reviewing the first three HALLOWEEN movies. Not only that, but joining me and the show's regular hosts was DZ from Cinema Diabolica, which is a very influential genre movie podcast that isn't around anymore. We had a blast talking about the first three HALLOWEEN movies, and it should also be said that we were in weird moods when we did the show, and I have a feeling that will come out through the recording.

Speaking of HALLOWEEN, I was also a guest on Trick or Treat Radio's Halloween Special. I was supposed to be on the entire show as a guest co-host, but Frankenstorm, scheduling problems, and work messed that up, but I still got to be on a panel of judges for a debate on John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. Does HALLOWEEN deserve its status as a classic or is it overrated? Click on any of the links below to listen to find out, and stay tuned to the rest of the show to hear Dynamo Marz, Johnny Wolfenstein, and some very special guests come up with the ultimate Halloween playlist!

Last but not least, my buddy Jake McLargeHuge from Podcast Without Honor and Humanity asked me to be on his show and, like Jon Mikl Thor in ROCK N' ROLL NIGHTMARE, I accepted the challenge! PW/OHAH is a podcast dedicated to Asian genre cinema, which isn't exactly my specialty, but Jake is not someone you say "no" to. He was one of the many amazing people I met at the last HorrorHound Weekend, so it was nice to chat with him over Skype and catch up on various things. We also reviewed a disgusting and bizarre "Southeast Asian" horror movie called CENTIPEDE HORROR, as well as a J-Horror movie directed by the man behind the JU-ON movies and starring the creator of the TETSUO films, MAREBITO. You can check this episode of PW/OHAH at any of the links below.

I normally don't post videos on The Death Rattle, but I thought I'd make an exception on this joyous day and share one of my favorite Halloween songs with you. TRICK OR TREAT, MOTHERFUCKERS!


  1. The GGTMC appearance was awesome. Looking forward to listening to the other. Happy Halloween to you as well!

  2. Thanks, Cody! Hope you enjoy the others.

  3. I'm a little more than halfway through the Halloween ep, and it's been a great listen so far. The Atkins talk is tops! Happy Halloween, homie!

  4. Thanks, brah! Happy Halloween!

  5. Really enjoying these so far, Aaron. Keep up the great work! Hope you had a great Halloween.

  6. Thanks, James! Glad you're enjoying the podcasts and I hope you keep listening to them because they're great shows.