March 18, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #7: All Women Are Bees

Greetings, Death Rattlers. I promise to get some reviews up sooner than later and not just make this a dumping ground for new Mill Creeps updates. But, while I'm here, feel free to check out our latest episode! Me and my co-host Chris open the show with our Movie Swap reviews, which we originally did back on the second episode. Chris reviewed THE WRAITH (a favorite of mine, the review of which you can read HERE) and I reviewed an Alex De La Iglesias film that I've been meaning to see for the longest time called DAY OF THE BEAST. Our feature reviews are INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS and CATHY'S CURSE, both of which were first-time watches for us. A fellow blogger and podcaster Emily was also nice enough to stop by and join us for the CATHY'S CURSE review, and I think we were all in agreement by the time it was over that women are bitches. Cathy would be proud. It's also worth mentioning that we got a voicemail from the legendary Bo Svenson! All that in under 80 minutes.

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Music this week by El Guincho and School Of Seven Bells

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