November 16, 2012

13 Questions: Ace Marrero

This week's 13 Questions guest is Ace Marrero, whose production company released last year's backwoods slasher MADISON COUNTY, in which Ace also starred and handled various behind-the-scenes duties. Ace is teaming up with MADISON COUNTY writer/director Eric England once again to put out ROADSIDE, which is currently in post-production. In the meantime, Ace is keeping busy with various television and film projects that you can follow by checking out the links below. Ace really went all-out with answering these questions, so I hope you all enjoy it and please stay tuned to whatever he's got coming out in the future!

1. Who are you and where are you from?
This is Ace Marrero and I'm an actor/producer living in Los Angeles via the great garden state and recent Sandy survivor, New Jersey!  You know how to pick em', last week's was a pinup from Jersey, right?

2. Where might people know you from?
Horror fans may have seen one of my recent features, MADISON COUNTY, but I've been fortunate to have some nice roles on TV, most recently recurring as Dr. Miles Hart on ABC's BODY OF PROOF.

3. When it comes to what you do, who or what are your major influences?
Man, this is a great question.  As an actor I'm often inspired by different people for different reasons, and that list continues to evolve and take different shapes as I grow so it's tough to narrow down one or two.  It's not even only ACTORS!  I've grown up an athlete, so I identify big time with a lot of them and their competitive mindset and work ethic.  If I were to pick a few peeps in no particular order:

a.  Ben Foster - similar in age and he continues to do different types of work and is always consistent. 

b.  Dwayne Johnson - I grew up a wrestling fan, and he's prob one of the few people I'd be starstruck by now, haha.  Can't wait to work with him & as one of our modern action stars (which is what I've wanted to be since I was a kid), I dig his career path.

c.  Tom Cruise - Say what you want about his personal life, but I grew up watching his films and that is not going to change.  He's had a few that didn't do as well, but he is not a machine making 10 a year, look at his imdb, and you'll see a very specific target and he averages MAYBE two a year.  I respect that.  I'm not here to judge what he spent his other time on, but I do like that he made time for it.

d.  My fellow peers who are continuing to climb our own ladders.  These are probably the people I am most moved by.  There are some hustlers in the making that I've come across, and I smile knowing that in a few years, we'll be the people riding OUR wave.

e.  Chris Pine - I like his career choices.  I come from the theatre, and it's my lifelong mission to always do theatre and work in front of the camera.  It's my passion.  I like that he does his films, but mixes it up on the stage as well.

f.  Randy Couture - I've been a MMA supporter for close to almost 20 years now (wow) and he was always an inspiration to me.  I loved hearing him talk about the sport of MMA, but moreover, just his understanding of him WITHIN it.  He seems like a man that really understands life, and I admire that.  He also reminds me of my Dad, so I have a special place for that too. 

g.  Shia LaBeouf - purely because he does a good job of not letting his work mirror the way, "he comes across in media."  I also admire his honesty.

h.  Speaking of, I just read about Mark Wahlberg taking over as the face of TRANSFORMERS?!  That man deserves to be on my list too, because as a businessman, I'm totally inspired by the way he continues to produce work, and make smart moves.  If at the end of the day, I can be doing my thing in film, and have my name as a producer on BOARDWALK EMPIRE and ENTOURAGE...that's a good day.

i.  James Wan - because that guy right now has the midas touch, and he is doing some amazing things in the genre and in FILM period.  His new film, I'm hearing, is going to be INCREDIBLE and they have pushed it to summer to let it run with the big summer blockbusters!

j.  Ryan Gosling - really appreciate his range and his choices, plus he is a DISNEY lover, which is badass.

k.  (My last, I promise -- I got excited, haha)  Stallone. ROCKY is one of my favorite movies ever, and that man's story and tenacity in this business is inspiring.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the behind the scenes documentary on the making of THE EXPENDABLES.  It's called INFERNO: MAKING OF THE EXPENDABLES -- if you haven't seen it, you should.  It's bigger than anything in this business and you see just how insightful this guy is and I very much admire that and hope to work with him someday!  This clip is a perfect summary:

4. What four peoples' faces would you put on your own personal Mt. Rushmore?
Wow. That's an amazing question.  My Mom, My Dad, My Sister & my girlfriend, Erin Stegeman.

5. What's the last album you bought?
Oh....I just bought a CD from California Feetwarmers, this group that was performing on the Santa Monica Promenade.  They were amazing in person, but to be quite honest, their CD was poorly produced.  It sounds like they recorded it on an iphone.  It's a true disservice, and I hope they can get something better soon.  They had a bluegrass/folk feel and the one dude was on a banjo and another had one of those instruments that look like an old school, metal washboard that he'd grate with something.  I'll have to get back to that!  Before that was the soundtrack for THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL.

6. What are the last movies you saw in theaters and on DVD/Blu-Ray?
I just saw SKYFALL, which was incredible.  I don't often watch movies twice, especially in theaters, but this will get another viewing for sure from me.  I got to go for free to a special screening, and I want to see it again, AND I totally would be happy to pay for it.  Blu-Ray?  What's that?  My producing partners and I joke all the time, between us, none of us have a Blu-Ray player, perhaps thats what we need to get our movie on that format! haha.  DVD though?  Honestly?  It was a copy of my movie, ROADSIDE, and it was only because my producing team and I had to give notes on the movie before we officially locked and finished it.  I don't just sit down and pop in my movies, haha.  I watch a lot of stuff on Netflix and such now, last film was THAT GUY...WHO WAS IN THAT THING.

7. What's the last podcast you listened to?
Full thing? It was one of the Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington episodes.  I've recently discovered and turned numerous friends onto LIFE'S TOO SHORT, and then while I was in search of more, I came across AN IDIOT ABROAD, which could quite possibly be the funniest TV show I have ever seen.  I've raved to so many about it, and I've never had to pause something so many times to catch my breath. hurts.  It's a specific type of comedy, and quite honestly you have to probably watch a few times, because its so subtle, you'll miss stuff, or not understand his accent fully -- but I can watch this stuff for hours!  One of my favorite little clips:

8. What's the last video game you played?
Haha, I recently have been obsessed playing NBA JAM TE on my ipad and I may or may not shut it off and start again to keep my record in tact.  BUT, I DO play on the hardest level possible if that counts!

9. What's the last book you read?
Hardback?  I think it was Hulk Hogan's book, but recent which was my ipad I think?  That was BJ Penn's Autobiography.  I've started several since, but haven't finished.

10. What are your favorite sports teams?
Grew up a Bulls fans, but I'm not particular to any NBA team at the moment.  I DID tune in for a few Knicks games when Lin was heating up last year.  I was happy though, that Jason Kidd got his ring.
NY GIANTS die hard - go BLUE! (even though it's Jersey...go figure)
NY METS - I'm THAT NY fan.
The sport I follow the most is MMA though, and there isn't really a favorite team, haha.

11. What cartoon or comic book character can you relate to the most?
This will tie in for a question I see below, but I was the biggest fan of ALADDIN growing up and wanted to one day do a movie or something playing him.  I'm a big fan of underdogs, resiliency and someone that can be faced with everything against them, but still be able to smile and get through life.  The Disney movie growing up was just such fun for me and I literally never sang anything, or danced around and acted out things in an empty house more, than I did with that soundtrack.

12. Create a playlist of ten songs that give people an idea of your musical taste.
Ha!  Let's look at my most recent songs, or most played on my phone/computer...No particular order:
1. FINALE from IN THE HEIGHTS the musical - this is only an excerpt, but so good:
2. DREAM SHATTERER by BIG PUN - one of my favorite rap artists EVER:
3. ANIMAL by NEON TREES - they have an awesome acoustic cover of the song on itunes, close to this:
4. LOSE YOURSELF by EMINEM - another favorite rapper and a song that pumps me up always.
5. BRAND NEW DAY by JOSHUA RADIN great, simple and fun song. I wake up to this song with my alarm and smile.
6. WICKED WAY by BEN TAYLOR - heard this song and it's just so playful and fresh & my friend is the first gal!
7. GIVE ME EVERYTHING by PITBULL & Co. - because everyone needs to fist pump..and he's awesome!
8. CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU by ELVIS - since I was a kid, my Mom loved this. I do too.
9. POKEMON THEME SONG - it's a DOPE song. Totally in my workout tunes!
10. WHOLE NEW WORLD - ALADDIN - Fitting ;)

13. If you could spend a day at an amusement park with one person from the entertainment industry, who would it be and why?
I mentioned ALADDIN earlier, well -- I also used to be ALADDIN in Disneyland's California Adventure hit musical: ALADDIN THE MUSICAL SPECTACULAR.  I performed with that show for about 3 years and it was a dream come true.  I got to go to Disneyland a couple of times a week and was a part of their, "magic" that would hopefully create memories that were like the ones I remember from being a kid.  The care Disney has for its product and the people that help that reach millions, is second to none.  I loved being a part of it, and every time I stepped into that park, I was like a giddy little kid.  I had the fortune of getting a few of my friends and family in over the years, and no matter the age, there would be ONE moment throughout the day, that "got them."  All you need is one.  It's a smile that can only be had through the innocence of a child, and its a true gift to experience that with other people, I think.  That is universal.  That place is an international destination for a reason, you don't need a language to FEEL that.  I've experienced it with probably millions by this point, so if I had to pick one person, I don't think I've been there while Gosling's been there.  I'd hang with him for a day.

LINKS: - Ace Marrero on IMDB
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