April 11, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #10: Uncle Andy's Mammary Slam Jam 2013 Vol. 2

Me and my co-host Chris were joined this week by our good pal Large William from the Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema, who reviewed PICASSO TRIGGER (1988) with us as part of our second episode in our Andy Sidaris series. Me and Chris also reviewed SAVAGE BEACH (1989; starring Al Leong and porn star Teri Weigel) and counted down our Top 3 and Bottom 3 First-Time Watches of March. These Andy Sidaris shows have become a real highlight for us so far because they've given us a chance to bring in some cool guests and explore the crazy filmography of Mr. Sidaris, which has been a pretty rewarding experience. Unfortunately this episode marks the last appearance of my personal favorite Andy Sidaris Girl, Hope Marie Carlton, who played Taryn in three of the four Sidaris joints we've covered so far. Sad face. Anyway, we had fun recording with Will and I hope it comes across that way on the review. Enjoy!

Music this week by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Motley Crue, and Vampire's Sound Incorporated

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