March 31, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #9: Dark Angels and Demon Dogs

There was a quick turnaround between this episode and the previous one, but we actually recorded this one a week ahead of time, so I thought I'd just upload it early so people can listen to it on the weekend. This is our second "Outside the Box" episode, where me and Chris take a break from the Mill Creek minefields and pick whatever we want to review. Since we both have a ton of movies we wanna review on the show, we each picked two films for this show and sped through them as quickly as possible instead of doing a couple of long, drawn-out reviews for two films. I think we covered decent ground on each of the films though. Chris picked a couple of Asian films - DEMON SPIES from Japan and IRON ANGELS - and I picked DOGS IN SPACE from Australia and BEYOND THE DARKNESS  from Italy. Ninjas, Girls with Guns, Heroin-Addicted Punk Rockers, and Necrophiliacs. Yeah, baby! Oh, and we also opened the show with Blindspot Reviews, where we each talk about an important film that we watched for the first time in the week leading up to the episode; Chris picked the Jean-Pierre Melville-directed WWII film ARMY OF SHADOWS (you can see what I have to say about it HERE) and I picked the low-budget Action movie DEADLY PREY. Yes, that's six reviews for the price of none. Enjoy. Check it out, subscribe on iTunes, and Like the Facebook Page please! Thanks.

Music this week by Snoop Dogg, Burzum, Santogold & Diplo, and INXS.

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