April 20, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #11: Savage Messiah

I'm a little late posting this one, but my blog was offline for most of the week because my custom domain expired and renewing it (and getting it to work) was a pain in the ass. I'm sure no one noticed anyway.

On this episode, me and Chris reviewed a couple of crazy flicks: SAVAGE WEEKEND and MESSIAH OF EVIL. I'd seen both before, but I was long overdue for a re-watch... well, of MESSIAH OF EVIL anyway. I enjoyed SAVAGE WEEKEND (for the wrong reasons) when I first saw it years ago, but I wasn't in a hurry to see it again. Still, though, I wasn't disappointed when Chris picked it because I knew it would be a fun one to talk about... or was it? I guess you'll have to listen to the episode to find out. As for MESSIAH OF EVIL, I actually picked up the Code Red DVD around the time we did the show because I really wanted to see it in its natural widescreen beauty. I've since watched the Code Red DVD, and holy shit it looks amazing. I'd put it up there with SUSPIRIA as one of the most beautifully-shot horror movies of all time. But anyway, that's beside the point.

To open the show, we were supposed to do our What We've Been Listening To segment. We actually recorded it, but it ran a little long and the sound quality wasn't so great, so at the last minute we decided to just read off the Top 30 "Slasher Flicks" according to IMDB and discuss each of the films. We did this Top 30 IMDB thing on a previous episode when we discussed Vampire and Zombie movies, and we both enjoyed doing it quite a bit. I think it'll be a somewhat regular thing on the show from now on, but we'll see. Enjoy!

Music this week by Deftones

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