April 24, 2013

Attention Massachusetts Death Rattlers! Attention Music Fans!

Do you like horror? Do you like live music? Do you like to get drunk and dance like an idiot? Do you like practically getting music for FREE? Of course you do, so please read on.

This Saturday night, April 27, at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA, my pals The Deadites are playing their 3rd Annual 20th Birthday Extravaganza (poster below) with supporting acts TEEEL, The Evil Streaks, Black Circuit, and Jason Voorhees and the Fancy Sauce. It's gonna be an awesome show, and if you live within the general vicinity, I'd highly advise you to go to the show. The Deadites are known for their costumes and energetic live shows, and if you're a horror fan, they're music, style, and aesthetic are right up your alley. Plus, they have two female singers who are gorgeous, and the word around the campfire is that they're gonna be debuting some new songs. If, for whatever reason, you're not familiar with The Deadites, you can get schooled at these links: thedeadites.com, The Death Rattle Interview with Deadites vocalist Dynamo Marz, 13 Questions with Mz. M, 13 Questions with Johnny Wolfenstein.

Trust me, if I lived nearby, I'd be willing to drive hours to see this show. That's how awesome it's gonna be. Aside from The Deadites, we have TEEEL and The Evil Streaks. You can learn more about The Evil Streaks by clicking HERE to read 13 Questions with their vocalist Myra, and while you're there you can check out a number of Evil Streaks links. TEEEL is an electronic project spearheaded by Jim Smith. If you're into synth-infused electronic music with references to cult and horror movies, trust me when I say that you should stop reading this right now, head over to teeelmusic.com, and buy his album UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, which is a favorite album of mine from last year. Actually, no, wait until you read the rest of this post and then go and buy his album.

Speaking of music, for a limited time The Deadites are giving away their Award-nominated EP, THE BIG SCARY MONSTER HUNTS AT MIDNIGHT, for only a dollar, and you can pick that up by going HERE. The EP is made up of a spoken-word intro and four songs. This thing normally sells for more than that on iTunes (obviously), so regardless of if you're going to the show or not, I urge you to check this album out. It's only a dollar! The Deadites are a great band and horror fans who love to entertain, and they deserve your support. Oh, and did I mention that it's only a fucking DOLLAR?! Jesus Harold Christ, people. Get on it!



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