June 30, 2012

July's Theme on The Death Rattle

I haven't done a theme since Hairy Macho Bullshit Month and Ladies' Month last November and December respectively, so I figured it was about time I theme it up once again. Throughout July, the theme will be Music. I'll be covering movies that are about bands, music, the music industry, music-related subcultures, or films that have memorable soundtracks or musicians in leading roles - you get the idea. I'm gonna try my best to avoid predictable biopics and the classics, and instead focus more on cult movies and genre films, but it really all comes down to whatever I'm in the mood to watch. I also hope to bring you guys a couple of special interviews with musicians, which is something I've never done before, with the exception of Dimitri Coats two years ago. I hope you guys enjoy it, and I can't wait for these here pages to be flooded with your wonderful comments and feedback (yeah right).

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to it, Aaron, and if you are planning on covering it, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Hedwig, too.