February 27, 2013

The Mill Creeps Episode #4: Mi Vida Robo

I've been meaning to post the episode updates here on the blog ever since me and my buddy Chris started doing the show, but I've been so busy lately. I'm also gonna be launching another show on Friday, so I'll be sure to keep you guys updated, if any of you care. On this week's episode of The Mill Creeps, me and Chris took a break from covering Mill Creek movies (which we'll be doing once a month or so) and we picked a couple of favorites to talk about. Chris picked a crazy Hong Kong Sci-Fi movie with robot hookers and mouth-rape called ROBOTRIX. I picked a movie I haven't watched since the 90's called MI VIDA LOCA (MY CRAZY LIFE), which is sort of a coming-of-age movie involving a bunch of Cholas. We also covered a couple of movies from our List-of-Shames; Chris chose THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE and I chose PINK FLAMINGOS. Running time is around 100 minutes and features music by Zapp and Roger, Manic Hispanic, and some song that Chris e-mailed me but I don't remember the name of. Please check it out and choose your preferred method of download at any of the links below. Also, please Like our Facebook page HERE. Thanks!

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