November 10, 2013

T.V. Casualties - Horror T.V. in the 80s (New Podcast)

For a while, me and my buddy Chris had a surprisingly well-received podcast called The Mill Creeps, but that came to an abrupt end for a number of reasons. Now I'm doing a solo podcast called T.V. Casualties, which focuses on Horror Anthology and Monster of the Week television shows from the 80s. Also, I play 80s music. A new episode comes out every other day and they range anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes a piece, and my tone typically ranges from tired to bored. I'm not promoting it as much as I promoted The Mill Creeps, but I figured I'd spread the word here since this is my blog and all. I'm currently reviewing TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and am working my way to the end of 1989, which means I'll be getting to FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES, MONSTERS, and other shows at some point. I'd appreciate it if you check it out! Thank you.

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