September 18, 2014

Days of the Dead - Los Angeles 9/26-9/28

I will be there. Will you?! If so, let's meet up and partake in the consumption or nutritional sustenance, alcohol, or a good old-fashioned duel. I'd love to meet any of you fine folks out there in the blogosphere. I fly in Thursday night and leave Monday morning. Hopefully it's less of a cluster-fuck than my HHW trip two years ago. E-mail me at aarond_0999@yahoo or friend me on Facebook if you plan on being in the area and would like to meet up. Eh, who am I kidding - no one reads this shit anyway. Either way, expect a full recap in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to give you all the details on how I cried and nervously vomited all over myself when I met Ashley Laurence. Holler!

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